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Your business's customers and suppliers performance overview

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This guide takes a look at exactly what you're looking at in the Customers & Suppliers page within the Performance feature in Futrli.

The interactions between your customers and your business hold insights in efficiency gains that can be made, risk to the business, opportunity and credit control actions that are required.

We’ve analysed their behaviours for you, which you can filter by time period in the top right of the page.

Everything we have done for customers, we also have for suppliers and how you are interacting with them. Are you too dependent on one? Do you know what you’re really spending? Are your payment trends putting you at risk as you’re paying suppliers faster than customers are paying you?

Sort and filter

The customer and supplier table is fully sortable and filterable. Use these features to refine the presentation of the information.

Contact deep dive

When you click on any contact, more insights are served for that customer or supplier. Key information about payment trends, what is due today and what is late is within the overview at the top.

There is graphical representation of the payments you’ve received or have made over the last 3 invoices or bills, the last 10 invoices or bills, this year and last year. Current and annual risk is assessed as well as dependency on that customer and supplier.

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