This guide is going to run through how to create a new report in Futrli and the options you'll find in the reporting home-screen.

The reporting section can be found via the top menu bar. You'll then see where to create your own report, where to access your most recently visited reports, then where to access your live and draft reports.

Create reports for forecasted and actual data for your cashflow, profit and loss, and your balance sheet

Create a new report

To create a brand new report, select one of the three options:

Portrait - the page set up will be portrait

Landscape - the page set up will be landscape

Dashboard - there will be no set borders

If you select portrait to create the report, but then would like to switch to landscape, or vice versa, you can do so by clicking into the Page setup options, then changing the orientation. Hit Save and the report will update.

Draft or Live

Any report that you create will start life as a draft. As a draft, only you will have access to it, nobody else. Once you're ready for the report to be accessed by others, you can publish it to the Live reports list.

To publish any draft report, hover over the report name on the left-hand-side, open out the options, then select Publish to Live reports. You'll see the report move instantly into the list of live reports above.

Give the report a new title

Before you start to build the new report, update the title. By clicking on the title name you will see it becomes editable. Rename it to whatever you'd like, then click away from the title box to save it.

Building the report

This is where you take control.

Pre-built widgets - ready-to-use widgets are available, you'll simply need to drag and drop them into place. The size of the widget can be amended by dragging the edges, and you can always re-position the widget by dragging and dropping into place.

Build your own widget - if you'd like to create your own widget, you'll need to head into the BUILDER tab. To create your own widget, you'll then need to:

  • Select which visualisation you'd like to use from the options available. Click, drag and then drop the widget onto the page.

  • The widget can then have a title and/or a sub-title. If you'd like either or both to be blank, add a space to leave the space blank.

  • What data would you like to display on the report? Open out the Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet, then drag and drop into the appropriate axis.

  • What date range would you like to look at? Select the calendar field in question and drag it over to the appropriate axis. You can then specify the date ranges in the drop down.

Text sections - add a text section to either display a report title, but also to add annotation to the report. Drag and drop to the desired section of the page, then add your text. Various options will show on the right-hand-side, including formatting settings and the ability to add a hyperlink.

You may have additional questions on creating your own widget, the following guides may be useful, but don't forget our Support Team are always happy to help (just hit the bubble in the bottom right corner).

Column formulas in reporting

How to compare periods in a report

How to add annotation to a report

How to build your own report widgets

Save your progress

You might notice there's no option to save your work. That's just because with every single change you make to a report, Futrli will automatically save your progress.

To head back to the reporting home page, just hit Exit.

Want to know more?

Check out any of the links above to go through a more detailed help guide. If you'd like further information on anything at all Futrli related, drop our Support Team a message via the bubble in the bottom right corner.

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