Welcome to Futrli reporting.

With Futrli's reporting functionality, get impactful insights into your business's current, past, and future performance.

Reporting is easy with our drag and drop feature, delivering confidence, customisation, and flexibility at your fingertips.

Creating a report

The reporting tool gives you complete control of customisation, but also takes away as much of the nitty gritty as possible.

Pre-built widgets are ready to be pulled onto reports. Your own widgets can be designed in seconds. There's no such thing as a mandatory page layout, any insight can be displayed however you'd like, wherever you'd like.

For more specific guidance, the following Help Guides will do the trick!

Creating a new report

How to edit an unsaved report

How to add a widget to a report

How to build your own widget

Customising a report

Reporting just became easy with intuitive drag and drop.

Just as Canva changed the game for graphic design, we are changing the game for business reporting. Effortlessly drag and drop templates, widgets (charts, tables, scorecards, waterfall charts), images, and text onto your canvas.

Build reports that are meaningful to you and make the most out of your financial data. You don’t have to spend any time transferring financial information into Futrli.

Simply sync your Sage, Xero or QuickBooks Online account to have all your data ready for reporting.

How to set and amend a report title

How to change a report colour scheme

Report setup options

Report annotation options

Sharing a report

If you want efficiency, look no further. Create a report once and automate the rest.

Any report can be set to drop into your team, client, or investor’s inbox through scheduled reporting.

Want to give it the final once over before it goes out? No worries. An optional review step ensures that you can take a final look and give reports the final seal of approval before it starts hitting inboxes.

How to share your report

Scheduled reporting

Exporting a report

Reports don't have to be kept tucked away in your Futrli account. Export to PDF today, with additional exporting options coming soon.

How to export a report

Want to know more?

Check out any of the links above to go through a more detailed help guide. If you'd like further information on anything at all Futrli related, drop our Support Team a message via the bubble in the bottom right corner.

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