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Introduction to Drivers in Futrli
Introduction to Drivers in Futrli
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The Drivers feature in Futrli is your way to bring non-financial data into your forecasting and reporting.

In this guide we'll look at how to import data, and where you can then reference what you bring in.

How do I bring in non-financial data to Futrli?

The Drivers tab in Futrli is your tool to adding information that isn't pulled through from your data source (Sage Accounting, Xero or QuickBooks Online).

The top menu bar contains the Drivers section, click into it to get started.

There are two methods to adding information, freestyle and formula.

Freestyle: Simply add the appropriate number to the month in question, or use the Quick actions to set numbers in bulk. Set which day of the month to set the data against.

Formula: Using the formula method allows you to combine any drivers you've already added, then manipulate that data further in a formula.

Where can drivers be referenced?

As you add and save drivers, they can be used within forecasting and reporting.

Forecasting: When using the formula method of creating your own prediction, you'll be able to reference any drivers. Simply type '@', this will bring up the organisation's chart of accounts and drivers.

Reporting: There are two sections of the reporting tool in Futrli where you'll be able to reference drivers.

Firstly, they can be applied directly to a report. You'll find non-financial data just below the financial data.

The second part of reporting where you'll be able to reference drivers is when creating a formula within a report.

You'll see the option to create a formula within the Row/Chart formulas section.

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