How does Futrli Sync with my data?

We do our best to keep you up-to-date, so Futrli syncs with your accounting platform twice a day.

However, on rare occasions, there can be issues with the sync and when this happens you will receive an email with this message:

If a sync failure does occur, we’re on hand to help get things sorted and syncing again!

First double-check that your Xero or QuickBooks Online login details are accurate by logging in to your accounting package. This will prove you have the required access to add your accounting package to Futrli as well as test if their systems are working. Their APIs are separate from the product you login to however, so while they may work for you, we may have trouble with an element of their API temporarily.

If you experience a sync failure you can raise this with our Support team by hitting the question mark in the top right of Futrli Platform navigation and choosing Ask us a question. We'll then ask you some questions to identify you and your organisation and will investigate further.

Why do syncs fail?

A sync issue can be caused by a range of things, issues with your Xero or QuickBooks account access, missing authentication tokens or Futrli being unable to contact your accounting system.

The first step to resolving any possible sync issues is to let our team know. We’ll look into it and get things sorted for you as soon as possible.

We’ll do our best to get your sync issue sorted as soon as possible, so please let us know if you encounter an issue.

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