Futrli is a new kind of prediction software that understands your unique business. With no effort on your part, it makes it easy to understand how your business is predicted to perform and de-risks the choices you make, transforming how you work and feel about your business.

What can I do with Futrli?

If you use Sage Accounting, Xero or QuickBooks Online, you can use Futrli to:

  • Rely on accurately calculated predicted future cash flow, profit and VAT: Automatically track the changes of your business’ predicted future.

  • Compare different scenarios: Effortlessly make the right choice for your business with simple toggles.

  • Make your own predictions to de risk the choices you make: Your business is more than a bank account. Predictions span every area of your business.

  • Learn about your customer trends and risks: Take action on customers anticipated to cause issues before they do.

  • The best time to pay bills is predicted: taking all revenue and commitments into consideration, you’ll understand when to pay without exposing you.

What sets Futrli apart?

Never more than now, the decisions that always fall to you to make about your business, have got to be the right ones.

Unlike traditional forecasting software (which is designed for finance teams, CFOs and accountants), 'cash flow only' software (which has partial information at best or inaccurate information at worst), or spreadsheet-based forecasting (which can be used by everyone, but is high risk and painful to keep up to date), Futrli’s prediction software is easy to use irrespective of your financial comfort levels.

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