Unpaid invoices and bills are important in Predict because they have a future impact when (and if) they do get paid. Head to the Cash Impact view for any account and you’ll see the predicted payments for invoices and bills highlighted in red (as well as in the financials section).

Whenever Predict pulls fresh data from your cloud accounting software it retrieves all your unpaid invoices and bills. Some may not be due yet and Predict assumes they’ll be paid on the due date. Any that are overdue, Predict assumes will be paid tomorrow. On first use there may be many old unpaid invoices and bills that Predict will have pulled through for the first time and you should visit the invoices section to tell Predict how to handle them.

If there are invoices or bills that you do not believe will ever be paid, hit “Exclude” to exclude them permanently from the cash impact in Predict.

When you check Predict head to the invoices section. Are there any invoices or bills that you know the expected payment date of. Particularly when the size of the invoice is large, setting the expected payment date accurately for each unpaid invoice is important to ensure that near-term cash flow is predicted accurately. Review each expected payment date and set them to values you believe to be realistic.

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