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My chart of accounts has changed, how can I update my Import?
My chart of accounts has changed, how can I update my Import?
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Futrli's Import feature means that any forecast in your Futrli account can have predictions pulled through via Google Sheets.

The first thing you need for this to happen is to create a Master Sheet for the forecast you'd like to add predictions to.

When you create a Master Sheet - as this is using Google Sheets - a snapshot of the organisation is taken. This means that any active account is pulled into the Google Sheets-hosted Master Sheet.

So, what isn't included?

Any accounts that are inactive in the data source will not be available to create predictions.

Also unavailable will be any accounts that did not exist when the Master Sheet was created.

For those accounts to be included, you'll need to create a new Master Sheet. This guide runs through how to create a new Master Sheet, but also how to keep any existing predictions.

How do I create a new Master Sheet?

This part is easy. Head into the forecast you're bringing predictions into, then click to create a new prediction and select the Import templates option.

You will then see an option to delete the Master Sheet, it's a bin icon on the top of the page.

Once deleted, the option to create a new Master Sheet will now display.

Creating a new Master Sheet will take a brand new snapshot of the organisation and any accounts within the chart of accounts.

You may have predictions attached to the old Master Sheet - these aren't lost. The section below covers how to keep those predictions without needing to start again.

How do I keep existing predictions if I need to create a new Master Sheet?

So you have created a new Master Sheet - but what about the predictions that were set up on the old Master Sheet?

No problem, we can move these from the old Master Sheet to the new Master Sheet - nothing will be lost.

Step one

Head into the old Master Sheet. Any sheets with predictions you'd like to keep, right click on the tab, then click Existing spreadsheet via Copy to. You'll then be selecting the new Master Sheet.

Jump into the new Master Sheet, you'll now see the copy of that tab has been moved over.

To bring it into Futrli, add the name of the tab to step three in the Control sheet, then head into Futrli and sync.

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