To use Futrli's Import functionality you'll need two things. A Master Sheet and a template. You can learn how to build your Master Sheet in this guide, once it's been created you'll be ready to use a template.

How to use a template

You'll see under each template listed in the Import section a link to 'Get the template'. Clicking this will open the read-only template owned by Futrli. You can't make any changes to this version, it will need to be copied to your Master Sheet.

Step One - select the template you'd like use and click 'Get the template'.

Step Two - you'll see a tab for instructions, then a tab for the template. Right click on the template tab. Hover over 'Copy to', then click 'Existing spreadsheet'.

Step Three - locate your Master Sheet, select it, then jump back into the Master Sheet and see the copy of the template ready to be populated.

What templates are available?

You'll find all available templates within the Import section. These include:

UK Payroll - accurately calculate your staff costs, including PAYE, pensions, National Insurance, bonuses etc.

Australian Payroll - accurately calculate your staff costs forecasting, including PAYG, Medicare, Superannuation, commission etc.

NZ Payroll - accurately calculate your staff costs forecasting, including sales tax, Kiwisaver, commission etc.

Recurring Revenue - predict up to 10 streams of recurring revenue based on growth and churn assumptions.

Loan Amortization - if you are repaying loans or looking to take one out, use this to calculate repayments and interest.

Client Tracker - predict a combination of one off and monthly recurring revenue for up to 50 clients.

Grouped Payments - tell us about your accruals, prepayments or deferred revenue and we will handle the journals.

Invoice Discounting - if you are receiving payment via invoice discounting, use this to accurately predict costs and cash flows.

Custom Monthly - a blank template that lets you pull any monthly value directly into your cashflow.

Custom Daily - a completely flexible template allowing daily values to be pulled directly into Futrli.

Stock - predict cost of sales and related stock movements.

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