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Forecasting in Futrli takes three forms. All can be found on the Forecasting homepage.

This guide will look at all options found on the homepage, but for a walkthrough tour of the full Forecasting section within Futrli, please click the GIF below ⬇️

Forecasting homepage layout

Let's run through what you'll find on the homepage.


Starting on the left-hand menu, you'll find the various budgets and scenarios you have access to, as well as the Auto-predicted section. The auto-predicted forecast in question is your daily tracker forecast.

Your daily tracker forecast is what will be referenced in your Performance pages. It is produced for you as soon as the organisation completes the initial sync, with automated predictions created for each account within the chart of accounts. For more information on the daily tracker forecast, take a look at this help guide.


Below the daily tracker forecast on the left-side menu, you'll find any published budgets set up against the organisation in question. These could have been created by you, or by someone else with access to this organisation.

Budgets can be locked, preventing any further changes from being made.


Below budgets you'll find any published scenario. Again you might have been the creator, but listed here will also be any scenarios created and published by anyone with access to the same organisation.


An unlimited number of scenarios and budgets can be created, but unless they are published, only you will have access to them. To publish, you can click on the title.

Create your own

Create a new budget or scenario with any of the options. Any new budget or scenario can include the automated predictions, or new predictions can be added.

Performance comparison

Finally, the simple to use performance comparison. This is not a replacement for reporting, but it does give a conveniently easy view of how multiple budgets, scenarios and the daily tracker forecast compare against one another.

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