The templates used to import data are linked to your Futrli account by your Master Sheet. If you're yet to create a Master Sheet, this guide runs through how to do that, but if your Master Sheet needs to be refreshed, this guide below will run through how to do that.

Why would you need a new Master Sheet?

When the Master Sheet is created, it takes a snapshot of every account that exists in the chart of accounts for the organisation. But the Master Sheet does not have a live link with your organisation. If your chart of accounts changes, your Master Sheet does not.

If your chart of accounts is updated, you'll need to create a new Master Sheet.

Don't worry though - this doesn't mean you'll need to start fresh with your templates, we can move those from the old Master Sheet to the new Master Sheet.

Step One - remove the existing Master Sheet link.

Step Two - create your new Master Sheet.

Step Three - head back to your old Master Sheet. In the tabs that you want to keep, right click, hover over Copy to, then select Existing spreadsheet, before selecting the new Master Sheet that you've just created (it will have today's date in the title).

Step Four - finally, jump back into the new Master Sheet, ensure that the Control Sheet is updated with the tab names, then you can navigate back to Futrli and hit sync! For any templates that you needed the updated accounts, you'll now find these flowing through in the new Master Sheet.

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