How to share a report
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Do you want others in your workspace to have access to the report you've created? Or would you rather keep the report to yourself? What if you share it, do you want others to have edit access?

These options are all covered.

For a walkthrough of how to share report, please click the gif below ⬇️

Every report will start life as a draft. This means that you and only you will have access to it.

From draft status, you have two options. Firstly, you can keep the report to yourself by leaving it as a draft - you can still export it, duplicate it, edit it, it will just remain accessible to only you.

Alternatively you can publish the report. This will move the report into the wide world, accessible to anyone with access to the organisation in question.

If you're happy for other eyes to see the report, but would rather keep editing access restricted to you only, no problem. You'll be able to simply 'lock' the report. This will keep edit access away from any potential meddlers.

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