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Connecting multiple organisations to your Futrli workspace
Connecting multiple organisations to your Futrli workspace
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There is no limit to the number of organisations that can be added to a Futrli workspace. In this guide we'll run through how to add additional organisations to the workspace, as well as what you'll need to be aware of if you are adding multiple organisations.

How to add an organisation to a workspace

To add an organisation to a Futrli workspace, you will need to have the correct permissions. You'll be able to add organisations providing you are one of the following roles:

  • Workspace owner

  • Super administrator

  • Administrator

  • Data manager

If you are one of these roles, you will see a dropdown adjacent to the organisation name in the top right corner of the window - within that dropdown is the Manage Organisations option.

(If you do not have this option but think that you should, speak to your workspace owner.)

Clicking the Manage Organisations option will show you the organisations in the workspace that you have access to.

Adding a new organisation is as simple as clicking Add new organisation.

Select the datasource you'll be connecting to, Sage Accounting, QuickBooks Online or Xero, then follow the steps to connect the organisation.

Making sure you are in the correct workspace

Any user can be invited to multiple Futrli workspaces.

It is possible that you are a workspace owner, but also have administrator access to another Futrli workspace.

It is important to be sure that, when adding organisations to Futrli, you are in the correct workspace.

Which workspace am I in?

If you have access to more than one workspace, you will see a dropdown in the top left corner of the screen when in Manage Organisations or Manage Users sections.

How much does it cost to add another organisation?

The answer to this question depends on the type of plan you have with Futrli.

If you've created your own Futrli account, you are almost certainly on the Single plan. This will mean that every organisation you add will be charged, pricing details can be found on our website here.

If you're going to use Futrli with multiple organisations, it might be worth a chat with our Business Development Team - they can make sure you're on the best plan for you. Our Starter plan is available for anyone connecting a minimum of 10 organisations.

To speak with our team about plans, please fill out this form.

Why can't I add a new organisation?

If you've followed the steps in the How to add an organisation to a workspace section, but you've been unable to locate the section to add an organisation, the most likely reason is due to the permissions you have been set up with.

To update your permissions, you will need to reach out to the workspace owner. A guide for the workspace owner to update your permissions can be found here.

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