To use this template, you'll need to have:

Please do not

  • Delete any rows or columns from this template.

  • Add any rows or columns to this template.

  • Override any cells. If pasting data, please paste values only.

If you accidentally do any of the above, you may corrupt the sheet. If this happens, you will need to open a new template, copy it to your Master Sheet again, then restart the process of adding data.

Step by step guide

Step One

Unlike some other templates, the Stock template requires no hidden settings to be opened and completed. You'll only need to add data to the white boxes.

There are three sections. The predicted income, the cost of sale as a percentage of that income account, and the purchase of stock.

Before data is inputted, the first task is to set the date you'd like to be predicting from. In the Income section, the first date has a drop down option. Use this and select the month in question.

Step Two

Once the date has been set, you'll need to add data for each of the three sections.

Income: Choose the account in question, then add a prediction name, VAT/GST amount, invoice date (day of month) and payment days. Then add your predicted monthly income for this account.

It's worth noting that if you have already predicted this income, either in-app or via another template, you can use the tick box to select to not import the prediction into Futrli. If you unselect it, it will still be used in this sheet for reference, but won't be pulled into Futrli.

Cost of sales: You will again need to pick an account for this to be mapped to, before using the dropdown to select which prediction you are referencing. Set the cost percentage, then a stock account. You will see the months will update automatically based on those settings and the figures you've set in the income section.

Purchases: The final section is for those stock purchases. Use the drop down option to select if you would like to show the cash impact of purchases against the cost of sale account, or against the inventory account.

Select an account to map this movement to, then in the same format as in the cost of sale section, use the drop down to link to a cost of sale line. You will then need to set the invoice date (day of month), VAT/GST and payment days, followed by manually entering the figures for each month.

Step Three

To get the sheet into Futrli, you'll need to copy and paste the tab name into the Control Sheet. This guide runs through that process in more detail.

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