To use this template, you'll need to have:

Please do not

  • Delete any rows or columns from this template.

  • Add any rows or columns to this template.

  • Override any cells. If pasting data, please paste values only.

If you accidentally do any of the above, you may corrupt the sheet. If this happens, you will need to open a new template, copy it to your Master Sheet again, then restart the process of adding data.

Step by step guide

Step One

Open the sheet settings and map the appropriate accounts. Each box will require completing.

Make sure each section is set up correctly to your company. This may mean overriding settings that are already in place.

Step Two

The first job is to set the month you'll be adding data from. To do this, scroll down to the table and use the dropdown option in the first month. You'll see the following months automatically update as a result.

The second job is that if you have a current liability to be repaid, you can update it. If you do not have a current liability, you'll need to set the amount to zero. Please note, the month selected cannot be before the first month you'll be adding data for. So for example, if you have selected June 2022 as your first month of predictions, you'd need to select June 2022 or beyond for the liability.

You can then start adding your data. Up to 25 rows can be added, if you need additional rows, you'd need to create a second template.

Step Three

When finished, you'll have a green tick at the top of the page, effectively giving you the green light to carry out the sync. If this isn't green, you'll be able to open the rows to see which information is missing.

To get the sheet into Futrli, you'll need to copy and paste the tab name into the Control Sheet. This guide runs through that process in more detail.

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