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Use pre-existing reports to build new reports. If you have one organisation connected to your workspace, build your own templates for that organisation. If you have multiple organisations connected to your workspace, these templates will be available across all organisations.

This guide will walk through:

  • Who can use reporting workspace templates

  • How a template can be created, saved and edited

  • How a template can be used to create a brand new report

Workspace templates walkthrough

If you'd like to go through a workspace templates walk through, click the GIF below ⬇️

Who can create workspace templates?

The workspace templates feature is available to all Futrli users other than those with the Guest role.

If you have multiple organisations on your workspace, any workspace template you create will be available to use in all other organisations you have access to.

Workspace templates created by one user will also be visible to other Futrli users, providing they have access to the organisation the report was originally created in.

Who can use a workspace template to build a new report?

All Futrli users (other than those with a Guest role) will have the ability to view and create workspace templates.

A user will see all workspace templates created by others, providing they have access to the organisation the report was originally created in.

The reason for this is down to privacy during the mapping process, where the names of accounts, groups and budgets/scenarios from the original organisation can be seen.

How to create a workspace template


For a walkthrough of how to build a new workspace template, click the GIF below ⬇️


A workspace template is created by converting a pre-existing report.

Any report, draft or published, will have the option to be used as a workspace template. Find that option by clicking on the report title.

To then publish a draft workspace template, therefore making it available to all users (excluding 'Guests'), there are two options.

Firstly, from within the Forecasting homepage, just click on the draft you'd like to publish.

The second option is from within the workspace template draft, flick the option from Draft to Published.

How to edit a workspace template

Any user can edit any workspace template they have access to. Simply click on the report name in the Reporting homepage, then click to Edit.

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